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The fusion of Arts- FOA- is a non-profit organization founded in 2015, having the following purposes: educational, informative, cultural, and philanthropic. The association aims to promote, organize, create, and carry out non-formal education activities and projects aimed at the continuous training and development of children, young people, and adults at a personal and professional level.

Veteran- Art Fusion Festival-The festival aims to offer young people and citizens of Lugo the opportunity to enjoy music, dance, theatre and street art, as well as to spend their free time in an urban environment of relaxation and socialization. Thus, we would like to encourage the participation of the public in cultural events as diverse as possible and the development of artistic cultural connections with local, county, and foreign partners (Italy and Greece) with extensive experience in artistic cultural strategy projects in the European context. The festival has a strong focus on community involvement by participating in free access activities. We will encourage the participation, creativity and active citizenship of the inhabitants of Lugoj

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