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Contact: Nikos Chatzipapas, Art Director

Lykourgoy 9, & Athinas, Athens 10551, Greece

Teatr Biuro Podrozy

Contact: Marta Strzalko, Chairwoman

Madalinskiego 4/12, Poznan 61-511, Poland

Teatro dei Venti A.P.S.
Contact: Stefano Te, Art Director

Via San Giovanni Bosco 150, Modena 41121, Italy

PRISMA- Centre for Development Studies

Contact: Fouli Papageorgiou, Managing Director

17 Empedocleous Str., Athens 11635, Greece

Association Fusion of Arts

Contact: Flavia Rosana Capraru, President

Street Bucegi nr.21 ap.2 Lugoj 305500, Romania

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Association Partners

_Michael Cacoyannis Foundations MCF


He moved to Athens where he studied Drama, Cinema, Graphic Arts. He founded in Rhodes the Dodecanese Theatre Association. He founded the Magic Theatre and the Street Theatre Stage, an organization funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture; this group participated in numerous Greek and international festivals. He was the Art Director of the Regional Municipal Theatre of Rhodes.  He founded the “Helix Action Theatre” He directed several plays in the National Theatre of Greece. For many years he worked as a director in the Experimental Stage of Art in Thessaloniki and the Municipal Theatres of Crete, Ioannina, Kozanis, and Patras. He has directed important theatrical plays by modern and classical writers such as S. Beckett, Μ. Frein, Mishima, Lorca, Chekhov, Gelderaude, Shakespeare, Marlow, B. Johnson, Mollier, Goldoni, Aristophanes, and many modern Greek writers. His performances have been presented in international festivals around the world such as in Scotland, in Belarus, in Cyprus, in Turkey, in Egypt, in Poland, and in Bulgaria and China.  In addition, he organizes and is the Art Director of the International Street Theatre Festival of Athens and the Suitcase Theatre Festival. He is also a Member of the Hellenic Directors Association and the International Theatre Institute.


Paweł Szkotak, Clinical Psychologist (MA, the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan), Diploma in Drama Directing, Culture Sector Manager (Postgraduate studies at Warsaw School of Economics). Founder and director of Teatr Biuro Podrozy. Paweł Szkotak is also an experienced director of plays produced in many Polish repertory theatres and opera houses (60 performances). He has been awarded many prizes (Fringe First, Critics` Award, Archangels Award, Hamada Award at Edinburgh Festivals, Fadjr Festival in Tehran, ITI Annual Award, and many others at Polish festivals). His performances have been presented at the major theatre festivals in Amman, Beirut, Bethlehem, Bogota, Bombay, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Cairo, Chicago, Erbil, Istanbul, Jaipur, Mexico, Minneapolis, Minsk, Montevideo, Moscow, Mysore, New York, Novosibirsk, Perth/Australia, Phoenix, Ramallah, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, St. Petersburg, Taipei, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Thrissur, Voronezh as well as in many European cities.  


Stefano Tè is a director, artistic director, and theater trainer. Graduated from the Pietro Scharoff Academy in Rome, in 2005 he founded the Teatro dei Venti in Modena. He produces shows and tours in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, England, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Lithuania, Montenegro, Argentina, Taiwan, India. Since 2006 he has been conducting theater projects and is active in the production of shows in the Castelfranco Emilia prison and in Modena prison. Since 2012 he is the artistic director of Trasparenze Festival e Residenze, a project that enhances the contaminations of the contemporary scene in relation to new spaces and a transversal audience. In 2019 he made his debut with the show Moby Dick, the arrival point of his artistic research, voted in a theater strongly rooted in urban spaces, in close relationship with the communities. For the show, Moby Dick was awarded the Ubu Award for the stage setting and the Rete Critica Prize for planning/organization.


Fouli Papageorgiou is an architect, Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Studies, and Managing Director of PRISMA-Centre for Development Studies. She has taught and conducted research in universities in Greece and the UK. She a founding member of PRISMA and has responsibility for the cultural sector. She has been personally involved in the curation of all the exhibitions and the editing or authoring of most publications of the Centre, and she has coordinated over 30 transnational projects with participants coming from across the EU.


Flavia Rosana Căpraru - designer, president and founding member of the Fusion of Arts association-FOA, vice president of the Union of Romanian Plastic Artists -Lugoj and the vice president of the Craftsmen’s Corporation-Lugoj, coordinates the training and organization of activities in the field of art and education. She holds a bachelor's degree from the West University Faculty of Arts in Timisoara - since June 2002 - Bachelor of Arts - Plastic and Decorative Arts profile - Textile Arts specialization. Between September 2002 and February 2003, she specialized in "COSTUMIZING" - technologist specialized in reworking second-hand clothing - Consorzio Provinciale per la Formazione Professionale - Faenza (RA). In 2007 she obtained the Graduation Certificate of the Department for Teacher Training - psycho-pedagogical profile– The Polytechnic University of Timisoara. Since 2012 she is the scenographer for the Municipal Theatre "Traian Grozăvescu" from Lugoj. Rosana is an Innovation Manager, a trainer, a youth trainer since 2013, facilitating and developing educational and artistic programs, mainly for young people and adults.

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