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Teatro dei Venti company was born in 2005 in Modena (Italy) as a theatre research group. From the beginning, its activity focused on 4 different, but linked, fields: the production of shows, projects in the sociocultural field, educational activities, and the organization of events within the theatrical field. Alongside those productions, it has paid attention to Street Theatre with the shows “Il Draaago” (2010), “Simurgh” (2014), “Pentesilea” (2016) and “Moby Dick” (2018-2019), with many tours outside the national borders (Poland, France, UK, Spain, Serbia, Croatia, Switzerland, Romania, Lithuania, Belgium, Argentina, Taiwan, India).

Another very important field for Teatro Dei Venti is the social sphere. The company wants to bring theatre in places, which are not usually designated for it, as a participatory experience for the community. In its social projects, the aim is always to offer a valid and ambitious artistic product. Theatre becomes both a final aim and a means to improve the “Actor’s” living conditions.

Teatro dei Venti is active in the social field with a permanent workshop finalized to the production of shows in Prisons, since 2006 in the Castelfranco Emilia’s Prison and, since 2014, also at the Modena’s Prison.

In 2009 the theatrical Lab “The Albatros flight” came to life, addressing people with psychic disabilities, in collaboration with the “Social Point” counter of Modena and the local Department of Mental Health. Since 2013 this Laboratory is supported by the regional project “Theatre and Mental Health”.

Teatro dei Venti realizes International Cooperation Projects (Mozambique, Serbia, and Senegal) in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Region and Modena Council. Since 2009 the company realizes educational projects and artistic production in the Mental Health field in collaboration with the Department for Mental Health, the Local Health Department, and Emilia Romagna Region.

Partner and sponsor: MIBACT, the Minister for Artistic Assets and Activities; Emilia Romagna Region; Modena Council; The Theatre-in-Prison Network Emilia-Romagna; Modena Foundation;


In 2019 with the show Moby Dick he won the Rete Critica Award for organization and the Ubu Award for the best Italian set design.   

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